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Intelligent | Infrastructure

A Smart Home is only as good as it's foundations, therefore it's crucial to get the infrastructure right.

It's never too soon to start planning, so getting us involved at an early stage to advise, will pay dividends in the final stages. Our carefully planned & professionally installed cabling will enable you to enjoy the full benefits, problem-free, for a long time.

It is always wise to install a comprehensive infrastructure, even if you won't be using all of it immediately, thus keeping your options open for the future...

Expert Installation

Our highly skilled team will ensure your cabling is installed with the utmost care. They have in-depth knowledge of the systems it will drive and the process required to achieve optimum end results. Therefore we would highly recommend using our team for this aspect. In some circumstances you may wish to use your own 3rd party contractors, we will provide documentation and guidance, to ensure the installation is completed to spec.

Faceplates & Equipment Racks

We have a vast range of faceplate styles and finishes to match your interior design scheme. An equipment rack neatly houses all the central equipment allowing easy maintenenance and future upgrades.

See this article on our blog to find out more about the cables we install...